Race Preparation and Hire of own Race Cars

Currently we have two race cars available for our customers. A new Skoda Octavia Cup RS III and a vintage BMW 325. Both race cars

can be driven either at race events or track days. The Skoda is scheduled for operation in the SOC 2018.

Race Preparation and Maintenance of Customer Race Cars

We would like to undertake the technical preparation and support service of your race car for operation on race circuits.

This includes maintenance work as well as the set-up of toe, camber, caster, steering and corner weights.

Driver Coaching and Data Analysis

We cooperate with experienced race car drivers and championship winners. Not only do we strive for quicker lap

times of the pilot, but we also want to align the driver’s senses of the car with the logged data.

Vehicle Simulation

For any car we can simulate the impact of important setting parameters like e.g. ride springs, anti-roll-bars, corner weights, brake

balance, roll and pitch centers on the vehicle’s handling performance. Thus we can determine an optimum basis set-up for the race car.

Event Dates

Scheduled Trackdays 2018:

23rd May 2018 Slovakiaring SLO

30th May 2018 Pannoniaring HU

20th June 2018 Pannoniaring HU

Other dates and race circuits on request!

Why Us?

Motorsport requires technical precision. Customers want value for their money. This is our DNA.

Race Cars

BMW 325i

Engine 2500 ccm, 6-Cylinder NA ICE (BMW M20B25),max. power 200 PS,max.torque 390 Nm
Gearbox Getrag 5-Gears, CAE shifter
Differential mechanical torque biasing
Dampers KW, adjustable bump and rebound
Brakes master cylinder and calipers OEM
Tyres 205 / 50 - 15
Roll Cage Heigo, bolted
Fuel Tank OEM with anti-explosive baffle foam
Electrics revised wire harness with automatic circuit breakers
Instruments oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature analogue, rev meter digital with shift lights
Data Logging Racelogic

Skoda Octavia Cup RSIII

1984 ccm, max. power 280 PS, max. torque 390 Nm
Gearbox DSG, 6 gears, paddleshifts
Differential Drexler mechanical torque biasing
Dampers Öhlins, adjustable bump and rebound
Brakes 2 master cylinders, adjustable brake balance with pedal force bias adjuster and brake pressure proportioning valve, 6-piston AP Racing caliper at the front, OEM caliper at the rear
Tyres 235/645 - 18
Roll Cage welded structure
Tank FIA FT3 safety cell, 100 liters
Electronics Bosch ECU and wiring harness
Instruments and Data Logging AIM MXL2


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Yawspeed [jɔːspiːd ] is your speed. The name says it all.
Sounds bulky but isn't.

Everything that moves has a mass, a velocity and an acceleration that conveys it there. It is not different with a car. It is moving along three axes and rotating around them. The rotation of the car around the vertical axis is called yawing.

As soon as the driver turns the steering wheel at the corner entry a slip angle is applied to the front tires so that they can generate lateral forces. At the same time the vehicle receives an impulse around the vertical axis, accelerates around it and obtains a yaw velocity. Now a slip angle is imposed on the rear tires as well and lateral forces will be generated at this end of the car. Seitenführungskräften ermöglicht. Die Querbeschleunigung nimmt nun zu und die Beschleunigung um die Hochachse ab. Der Übergang zu einer stabilen Kurvenfahrt ist erreicht.

The centripetal acceleration rises and and the yaw acceleration decreases. The transition to a steady state cornering is completed.

Without side forces at the tire contact patches there is no fast way around a corner. There has to be a balance between the lateral forces at the tire contact patches and the centrifugal forces of the vehicle mass. If this is not (anymore) the case, the car will stop to comply with the drivers inputs. It will abandon the desired driving path. - In the end the driver is the Yawspeed manager.

Ing. Christian Gneist MSc
Owner / Managing Director,
responsible for technics and business administration

Born as petrolhead: Karting, educated in automotive engineering, racing in Formula Ford, engine designer at OEM. Then studies in finance, finance world. And again motorsport.

Keijo Keke Platzer
Race Car Driver / Motorsport Journalist,
responsible for organisation, media, sponsoring and driver-coaching

Motorsport genes: son of a race car driver, Kart, champion Suzuki Cup Austria 2016



Yawspeed Autosport e.U.
Ing. Christian Gneist MSc
Tel. +43 (0) 676 / 43 55 242

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13th Dec 2017.
The Skoda Octavia Cup will host 7 races in 2018 in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The first race will be held at the ADAC GT Masters event in Most/CZ 27-28 Apr 2018.

7th Dec 2017.
In the last few months the Skoda OCtavia Cup cars have been developed by LMS Engineering of Germany. Comprehensive changes have been made at electronics and gearbox in order to improve the reliability and handling of the car.